Get Download Android 14 Developer Preview for Xiaomi 12T

The Xiaomi 12T is now eligible for the Android 14 Developer Preview Program, so Xiaomi customers are in for a treat. With this program, users can get an early taste of the exciting new features in Android 14. This article will demonstrate how to download and install the Android 14 DP update on your Xiaomi 12T device, ensuring that the process is straightforward and painless.

Preparing for the Android 14 DP Update

 A few safety precautions must be taken before participating in the Android 14 Developer Preview Program:

  1. Make a copy of your important data.
  2. Make sure your device is always fully charged.
  3. Guarantee adequate extra room by eliminating pointless records or applications.

Download the Android 14 DP Build To

 Download the Android 14 DP build for the Xiaomi 12T, either visit the Xiaomi website or use the link provided below:

Download Android 14 DP Build for Xiaomi 12T

Install the Android 14 DP Update After downloading the Android 14 DP build for the Xiaomi 12T, you can install the update in one of two ways: the Fastboot Update method in addition to the Local Update method.

Please be aware that because the Developer Preview Program is still a pre-release version of the software, there are some risks associated with participating. It might contain bugs or similarity gives that could influence the general presentation of your gadget. Take your time and proceed at your own risk.

1st Method: Local Update

If you prefer to update your Xiaomi device without having to unlock it, follow these instructions:

Duplicate the downloaded MIUI ROM document into the “downloaded_rom” organizer in the inner stockpiling of your Xiaomi 12T gadget. There is no such thing as on the off chance that the envelope, make one and glue the record into it. Make sure the folder is in the phone’s root directory.

On the device of your Xiaomi 12T, open the Settings app.

Click “About phone.”

Select “Framework update.”

Tap the three specks symbol in the upper right corner.

Select the file that you copied in Step 1 by selecting “Choose update package.”

Be patient while the Xiaomi 12T’s firmware is extracted and installed; this process may take some time.

Restart your Xiaomi 12T device after the installation is finished.

2nd Method: Fastboot Update

Follow these steps to use the approach:

Download the MIUI ROM Blazing Device and introduce it on your Windows PC or PC.

Switch off your Xiaomi gadget and enter Fastboot mode by squeezing the Volume-key and the Power button at the same time. Interface your telephone to the PC utilizing a USB-C link.

De-pressurize the downloaded MIUI ROM record and open the document organizer.

On your computer, copy the ROM file folder’s path.

Copy the path to the copied ROM file folder into the address bar of the MIUI ROM flashing tool (MiFlash.exe).

To allow the tool to recognize your Xiaomi 12T phone, click the “refresh” button.

After that, to flash the ROM file to your device, click the “flash” button.

After the ROM has been successfully installed on your Xiaomi 12T, your device should automatically boot into the new Android 14 version. Wait for the progress bar inside MiFlash to turn completely green.

It should be noted that using the Fastboot Update method will wipe your Xiaomi 12T device of all user data. Therefore, in order to avoid data loss, you must first perform a backup of your data prior to using this method.

On the off chance that you go over any issues or have criticism during your use of the Android 14 Designer See, you can present your criticism through the Android DP Criticism application remembered for the Engineer See.

Quit Designer Review

Assuming you choose to quit the Android 14 Engineer See Program or wish to return to the plant settings, you can do so utilizing the Fastboot mode:

  1. Switch off your Xiaomi 12T gadget.
  2. To enter Fastboot mode, simultaneously press the Power button and the Volume Down button for 4-5 seconds.
  3. Once in Fastboot mode, you can decide to reestablish your gadget to the plant settings.

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