Get Jonsau Shrine Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Zelda Series: Tears of the Kingdom is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive action-adventure game. Distributed by Nintendo, it is the exceptionally expected continuation of the widely praised The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Nature. It keeps Hyrule’s vast open world, which has been made bigger to make it easier to explore even more. Players take control of Link in Tears of the Kingdom and work with Princess Zelda to stop Ganondorf from destroying Hyrule. In this aide, we will take you through how to tackle the Jonsau Place of worship puzzle in Zelda: The Kingdom’s tears.

The Zonai devices, which grant Link new abilities, and the Gloom, an adversary that poses a threat to engulf the land in darkness, present new obstacles for players to overcome in the Nintendo game. Players are drawn into a world of epic battles between good and evil, powerful magic, and ancient legends thanks to the game’s rich and engaging story. In addition, Hyrule has a plethora of side quests and challenges, a cast of memorable characters, and always something new and exciting to discover. How about we figure out what the Jonsau Sanctum arrangement is for Zelda: The Kingdom’s tears.

How to solve the Jonsau Shrine puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Jonsau Place of worship in Zelda: The “Deep Force” puzzle is one of the game’s most original and difficult puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom. This puzzle is about buoyancy, which isn’t a common theme in the game and can be hard to get your head around at first.

The Deep Force puzzle is an absolute delight for physics enthusiasts. To progress through the Shrine, you must use your Ultrahand to control the buoyancy of objects like a ball. To put this in simpler terms, imagine holding an air-filled beach ball underwater. When you release it, the buoyant force acting upon it will propel it to the surface. A similar idea applies to the Profound Power puzzle, and dominating this idea is significant to getting the Radiance of Gift from Jonsau Place of worship.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble solving the Deep Force puzzle; this guide is here to help. From finding the Jonsau Shrine to solving the puzzle and getting the chest, we’ll walk you through it all. With our assistance, you’ll have the option to overcome the Profound Power puzzle and arise successful from Jonsau Sanctuary. Naturally, finding the shrine is the first step; therefore, let’s examine its location.

Where to find the Jonsau Shrine

In the vast Lanayru Wetlands, which make up a portion of the Zelda game, players have access to a number of interesting locations, one of which is the Jonsau Shrine. Tears of the Realm game. This sanctuary can be found close to the focal point of the wetlands, explicitly on the southern slopes of Mercay Island, which is the biggest isle in the locale.

The coordinates to find the Jonsau Shrine are 1743, 0018, 0025, which you can use to navigate and find the shrine more easily. Don’t forget to take a look at the picture above to find the exact location on your map. Once you arrive at the shrine, you can begin solving the puzzles.

In Jonsau Shrine, there are three different puzzles that you need to complete in order to advance through the game. Each of these puzzles utilizes the buoyancy-based effect of dense water launching a less dense object from its surface. This physics effect is used to complete the first chamber, where you need to propel a ball onto an upside-down lock mechanism hanging from the ceiling. After completing this chamber, you will be presented with two more puzzles that make use of the same effect, but with different twists to make them more challenging.

Overall, these puzzles are a fun and engaging part of the game that test both your problem-solving skills and your ability to think creatively. So, let’s take a look at how to solve these puzzles.

First Jonsau Shrine puzzle solution

You can easily navigate to the Jonsau Shrine and locate it by using the coordinates 1743, 0018, 0025. Remember to investigate the image above to track down the specific area on your guide. You can start solving the puzzles once you get to the shrine.

In Jonsau Altar, there are three distinct riddles that you really want to finish to progress through the game. The buoyancy-based effect of dense water launching a less dense object from its surface is utilized in each of these puzzles. The first chamber requires you to propel a ball onto a ceiling-hung upside-down lock mechanism using this physics effect. After you finish this chamber, two more puzzles with the same effect but different twists to make them harder will be presented to you.

Overall, these puzzles are a fun and interesting part of the game that test your ability to think creatively and solve problems. Therefore, let’s look at how to solve these problems.

Second Jonsau Shrine puzzle solution

You will see an item that needs to be submerged when you enter the next room to activate the goal. This time, the item is a board made of wood, but don’t let its appearance fool you. You must submerge the board vertically in order to ensure that the thinnest end reaches the goal. In order to position it properly, this may necessitate some careful maneuvering.

The chest must be retrieved from the water once the goal has been activated. Check out the image above if you need help locating the chest.

Luckily, there are two methods for achieving the undertaking of getting the chest. The ball can be attached to the chest from the first room. The pop-up effect will then be required to bring it to the surface. Alternately, you can use the Ultrahand to carefully approach the water and extract the chest. The last choice might more test, as you should be aware of the unfriendly Develop that might endeavor to snare you around the bend.

The second puzzle of the Jonsau Shrine in TotK is the same as the first and requires you to use either the yellow plank or the ball from earlier to launch it upward using the density of the water after you have successfully looted the chest. The door will open with whatever tool you use.

Third Jonsau Shrine puzzle solution

Make certain that the ball is completely submerged in the water before beginning to solve the puzzle. Whenever you have affirmed that the ball is set up, delicately tap it so it shoots up and ousts the stage. You will be able to move on to the next step because the platform will drop to the water level as a result of this.

Now, carefully move the ball closer to the platform with the Ultrahand, depending on where it has rebounded. This step requires a lot of accuracy, as you don’t maintain that the ball should unintentionally bounce back off course. Take as much time as is needed and give close consideration to the ball’s developments as you move it towards the stage. Look at the picture above to find out about the course.

Swim over and stand on the platform after you have successfully positioned the ball in the desired location. Grab the ball with Ultrahand and carefully place it beneath the platform. At the point when the ball bounce back, the stage and Connection will be sent off out of sight, permitting you to utilize the paraglider to arrive at the finish of the Hallowed place.

Albeit this interaction might appear to be clear, it very well may be very interesting to execute. For instance, if the ball bounces in the wrong direction and hits Link on the head, it could be fatal. Utilize the platform’s vertical beam to ensure that the ball is positioned correctly to avoid this.

Assuming you find that you have set the ball accurately yet don’t figure out how to hop in time, sit back and relax. You can always try again by using Recall. You will be able to efficiently improve your technique thanks to this method, which is much simpler than resetting things with Ultrahand.


We hope this guide helped you locate the shrine and solve the Zelda puzzle about the Jonsau Shrine: The Kingdom’s tears. You will be able to test each and every one because this is only one of the many shrines in the vast world of Zelda that you can explore. Each has its own set of difficulties and puzzles to solve. You’ll quickly become an expert at solving puzzles if you keep the skills and techniques in mind as you move forward in your journey.

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